Who: Dad, me, and Blake
What: Zeitgeist Half Marathon
When: Saturday, November 5, 2016
Where: Hilly highway
Why: Who knows?

Dad and I taking our spots in the back of the pack.

Blake took his place in the front and that is where he stayed the whole race.

Then he had to wait around for my Dad and I to finish. He did come out on the course and found me with a mile to go - the longest mile ever... my legs were shot. I was pushing it in hopes to finish under 2 hours - unfortunately, I finished 2:01:35. So close.

Then we all to wait around (for forever) for the awards. Blake first place overall and Dad second in his age group (65-69). Blake also got drawn for the raffle - he won a Starbucks gift-pack which will be re-gifted to someone who actually drinks coffee.

It was an absolute beautiful day and we spent about 90% of it outside. After the race, our family friends, The Blacks, came and helped us rake (a service that was greatly appreciated). Then we had an amazing Salmon BBQ followed by a giant backyard bonfire with friends. It was a big, long, tiring, and fantastic day.


AndersonGR8 said...

Thank you for a great weekend. I always enjoy running with my speedy kids and seeing those cute grandkids. Thanks for hosting the Zeitgeist weekend!

HowellAZ said...

That sounds like a fun-filled day! But I must ask- have you not been enlightened to the joys of Starbucks drinks that do not contain coffee?