I've decided in the effort to avoid a nervous breakdown to make myself rules:

1. I will mop on Wednesdays. I could mop everyday - my floors are always dirty. I was driving myself insane trying to stay on top of it. If you come on Tuesday and your feet stick to the hardwood - now you know.

2. I will have the kids wash the windows and not re-wash them. If you try to see out of the top of half of my windows and can't - now you know.

3. I will throw away the school papers. All of them - even the irresistibly cute paper plate bat. If you need my child's field trip paper signed it is probably in the trash - now you know.

4. I will let Luna cry. A child can not be carried 12 hours out of the day - it is physically impossible. If you see my baby laying spread eagle on the floor in tears - now you know that I sat her down.

5. I will greet my husband with a kiss. Even if my hands are covered in poop, my head is full of angry words, and dinner is boiling over on the stove. If you walk in on our PDA - now you know.

6. I will stop accepting everyone's junk. Well - unless it is very cool junk. I don't know. This one is hard. I'm working on it - now you know what is in our shop - everyone's castoff junk.

7. I will put coats on my kids this winter. I hate coats - I really hate 5 coats that are immediately stripped off upon arrival and handed to me. If you don't recognize the lady behind the pile of neon fluffiness at the store, it is me - now you know.

8. I will stop cringing when my husband says the word protein. Yes - I can heat up some beans. Yes - I can grill up some chicken. Yes - I can hardboil some eggs. High protein sources... I embrace you - now you know.

9. I will always fold the laundry before I wash more laundry. Now you know.

10. I will stop worrying about having perfect blog conclusions... why is the ending so difficult? I will just end it.

Now you know.


Erinlizabeth said...

Ah yes, I'm definitely going to enjoy your blog... I made the same rule about Ginny crying/screaming. There was lots of it this week, but life must go on. Today was better though so I'm crossing my fingers.

Chadwick and Julie said...

Love it! I have tried to create some of my own rules...some with better success than others. I'll just remember to come visit you on Thurs instead of Tues. =)

HowellAZ said...

Loved this list of rules. Mine are a little more caveman-like and not written down, but rules just the same.