Halloween hangover...

I wake to the pitch black of night that 7:30am graces us with these days. The house is still quiet, which is unusual, but appreciated as I am far from fully functioning. I make my way upstairs stepping over a pair of rainbow tights, flesh-colored earmuffs, and a dozen candy wrappers. I immediately start pulling down pumpkins and skeletons and fake spider webs. I have all of Halloween into a box by the time the first child appears. "My tummy hurts." and I turn to see who is voicing the first of many of the same complaint. It's Fielding - but is it? His black vampire hair that I was too lazy to wash out last night has spread from just his locks to cover his entire face and neck. He is 6 shades darker than normal and I can not stop laughing. This was meet with a mirror check followed by tears and horror and a wanted-yet-not-wanted scrub down. With the protests of "Don't wash my face!" now everyone is awake sporting crazy post-costume hair and bags under their eyes. We find our way to the kitchen where Mom makes the executive decision, "Everyone is having eggs."

Oh my - Halloween was a doozy! 

I decided to kill all birds with one stone and be in charge/help out at all 3 kid's school parties. Mistake #1. Then Perry hurt Luna's arm badly. We thought it was dislocated, then broken, then back to dislocated. It was 2 hours in the POW camp equivalent of healthcare - URGENT CARE. Nothing is urgent there and 2 hours later, Perry, Luna, and I exited hungry and exhausted. We made our final appearance at Paisley's class party where I sat in a stupor of "If I have to watch one more kid roll a pumpkin at a tower of TP ghosts I am going to pull out each one my eyelashes." Then we had to make a last minute stop at Walmart for a veggie tray and every last employee was handing my kids candy. All I wanted to say was, "Please stop. In a few hours they are going to have enough candy that if laid end to end could wrap around the world twice." I hate candy. No one likes you when you saw that. But I do. I hate it. It is sticky. It is gross. It serves no purpose in my life. It is clutter. AND I AM CONSTANTLY DROWNING IN IT! 

We survived Trick-or-treating - the kids loved it, Blake loved it, and I tolerated it. At 9:30 when the kids were going on their 3rd re-sort, Mom pulled the plug on trademart and put everyone to bed - including herself.

We awoke to November 1st and I couldn't be happier!

(I didn't take a single picture on Halloween - oops.)