Gratitude Day 6...

An article of clothing

I would love if we were all issued uniforms so clothing was something I never had to spend time or money or brain cells on. Since I don't live in a post apocalyptic society, clothing (myself, my completely non-fashionable husband, and 5 little people) is a bigger part of my life than I wish it was. So I feel like I need to pay homage to the wardrobe staple that makes this job a little bit easier - jeans. Good jeans make my day. My criteria for "good jeans" - perfect length, nice fit on the rear (hard for those of us who have no rear - which is basically my entire family), not too distressed, contains those elastic pulls for the kids (I do wish they made adult ones like that though), and found for under $5 at the thrift store. I love that jeans can do be dressed up or dressed down, worn for work or for play, and original blue denim matches just about everything. I know it ain't no chicken suit but a favorite pair of Levi's can make your day a little brighter.

1 comment:

Britt said...

Chicken suuuuuuuit!

But a good pair of jeans definitely comes in second.