Gratitude Day 4...

 A meal.

One Summer break from college, I spent a week in Mexico City visiting a boy who wasn't Blake so I can't even remember his name. I was young and oblivious and smartphone free so I also can't remember which part of the city we were in, the name of the amazing ruins we hiked to, or what famous cathedral we spent a day at. But there is something from that trip I will carry with me for the rest of my life... La Gringa. It was midnight, we were hungry, we drove through endless streets on the hunt for this legendary street vendor who moved about the neighborhoods. We finally spotted a crowd gathered around a couple carts. The first thing that hit me as we walked up was the smell - it was glorious and sharp and to this day the thought of it can still make my mouth water. It was dark except for the below ground pit with a large fire and the million stars above us. People were yelling out orders, exchanging money, and talking in a language that I could not understand. I was told to get La Gringa and so I timidly tried to make myself heard through the commotion. Next thing I know I was handed what those of us in America would term a quesadilla; however, to call it that is a sham. It was unlike any tortilla and cheese combo that has been created since. The tortillas were thick and piping hot - they were flour - the only flour tortillas I found on the entire trip and I dream of somehow finding that vendor and getting his recipe for they were flawless. Between the tortillas they had sandwiched more cheese than one would think physically possible. Once again, some foreign Mexican cheese that I stopped trying to find the duplicate of once we moved from Arizona. Throughout the cheese they had laced "al pastor" - marinated pork that had been roasting on a spit near by.  It was seasoned to perfection and full of zing from fresh squeezed lime. I ate one, then ordered another, ate it, and ordered another to take home for breakfast the next morning.  The following night we basically repeated the process - only this time I ordered two for the following days breakfast. 

Perfect - they were perfect.

And I cry that no matter the costs I would be willing to pay to have one again that place is lost to me. 

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