All the fun we had #3...

Vancouver, WA

We arrived late late late Monday to Washington. So Tuesday we took it way easy - the kids played, we scrounged through the neighbor's junk that he was having my dad haul to Goodwill, and ate hot cookies for breakfast because Kara doesn't like to disappoint. Wednesday, we went to Costco along with half of the population of Washington... That store - I am about ready to blog about it again. Don't people know they are paying to shop there?!? We had a cousin party at Burger King to visit Uncle Larry for lunch then took the little ones home for a nap. While the older kids played with cousins/harassed Grandma and Grandpa, I got to work painting my mom's old makeup vanity because I was having chalk paint withdraws. More cousins came over that evening and Fielding finally got to have a sleepover with Baker (something he has spent the last year talking about). 

On Thursday, a group of us took off to run the rainiest Turkey Trot known to man.

Blake won the 10k while Kara and I coaxed Paisley, Cosette, Fielding, and Breeana across the finish line on the 5k.

At the end of the race, they always do a pinata - this year the rain scared all but about 6 kids away (3 of them were mine). There was so much candy - Fielding stuffed his pockets to the brim. The only time I have ever seen pinata candy not all be picked up.

 We went home and all fought over the hot shower. Then mom cooked us a true Thanksgiving feast - chili dogs!!!

Due to work schedules, we had real Thanksgiving on Friday. So we took advantage of all the Thanksgiving day sales and went shopping! I let the kids run wild through the empty mall since only Penneys was open and then we hit up Wal-mart for our annual Lego accumulation. 

On Friday, the sun finally came out so the kids and I hit the park while Blake hit the road for a pre-pie run.

Waiting for dinner.

Gratitude poster.

Then came the main event.

The kid table.

The other kid table.

The mature ones.

And the serious ones.

The grub.

The pies.

The cutest.

The lone turkey.

And the rest of it...

Saturday, Dad and I got in a nice run through the endless neighborhoods that Vancouver has to offer. Then I had a few of my high school friends come over so we could catch up and let our kids destroy my mom's house. The three of them together have 5 which makes me laugh seeing that I have 5.

My kids were being the orneriest of the group so after these guys took off - we did a quick clean up, helped Grandpa set up his bears, then headed out of there. 

We were ready to get home - unfortunately there was still 7 hours of driving to do to complete our loop. We got it done thanks to ice cream and smoothies and made it home to our own beds - HOORAY!!!

I would call it our most successful road trip to date. It gave me a boost in confidence on how far we can drive with these kiddos. I think more beach adventures are in our future!

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