All the fun we had #2...

Aptos, CA

Blake's brother, Rich, lives near Santa Cruz in a house that is close enough you can walk to the ocean. So naturally we had to go because THE BEACH!!! By the time we pulled into town, the rain had found us but that didn't keep us from walking strait to the seashore.

Perry and Luna's first time to the ocean.

She was not amused.

Fielding was... he couldn't resist the water and ended up getting fully soaked.

Paisley did what Paisley does and found every shell piece that she could.

Once everyone was de-sanded and in dry clothes, we did art.

And balloons.

And hide and seek.

And wrestled Fred (the giant bear).

Sunday we did church and livened up their little California congregation by having all 8 of these kids on the same bench.

After church, Rich was our fearless leader on a hike through the Nisene Marks Park which was a magical forest.

There were a few sketchy river crossings.

 Banana Slugs.

And a brief moment where we were lost.

 Eventually, we found daylight and made it out.

Since we were already wet and muddy, we took a trip down the pier on our way back to the house.

Luna was hypnotized by the waves and would have stayed here all day to watch them.

 Once clean and fed (Jenette made some rockin' enchiladas), we finished the night with a dance party,

Arm wrestling.

Blake faced defeat which was the humbling experience he needed to have in his life.

And shadow puppets.

That next morning we awoke to some sun, so we hit the beach by 8:30am. I love watching my kids at the ocean - nothing beats it! Blake had his first go with a wet suit and loved boogie boarding on the waves.

Once everyone's lips started turning blue, we posed for one last shot by the sea, grabbed our favorite shells, and packed 5 extremely sandy kids into the car.

Luna was out before we left the parking lot.

We cleaned the sand off of us for the third and final time, ate some paninis, and loaded back into the van. We took the long way and drove through San Fransico, which the kid's lovingly called Zootopia.

I thought we would go over The Golden Gate bridge but turns out that would have added another hour to our already-an-hour detour. So I settled on a distant shot out the back window as we went over The Bay Bridge. 

Once out of the city we stopped at the busiest Winco known to man to replenish snack supplies and continued on our 10-hour drive.

Next stop Vancouver, WA.


Crystal said...

I have that same sweat shirt. Well, I should say I bought that same sweatshirt off Fashion Mia where the sizes were incredibly off and I had to give it to my skinny minny sister. I have to say, though, that it was the softest sweat shirt I have ever felt! If I ever lose this weight I will hunt down that sweat shirt (along with a million other clothes that I have given her over the years that I outgrew) and take it back. I have given her fair warning. lol

Jana Weaver said...

Looks like loads of fun!! (And sand!)