All the fun we had #1...

We have just returned from a 8 days, 8 nights, 1903 mile road trip.

It was an act of bravery and we were much rewarded with familiar faces, fun memories, and a filthy minivan.

Here is all the fun we had (in parts so that I can actually handle blogging about it).

First stop Valley Springs, California!

 This is my BFF from high school, Steph. We came in late and crashed at her place so that we could reminisce and let the kids party with her 3 boys while Blake and Charlie talked farm (they live on 5 acres).

The weather that morning was the most glorious of the whole trip... the sun made me smile! Whereas the giant sandbox, four wheeler, and pinecones on steroids made my kids smile.

We hung out until Luna needed a nap then packed back up and were on our way to Aptos, CA.

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