The kids had two days off of school so we decided we were in need of a trip to Utah.

We left Wednesday about 6:30 pm and arrived to Micah and Hank's (minus Hank who was off to San Francisco) after midnight. We finally got the kids back settled to sleep including a very distraught Luna.

Thursday we got up and had Agricola for breakfast - Blake and I tied which might be worse than losing - so close! Then we decided to get the kids out of the house and went to In-n-Out for lunch with Micah and James joining us.

And BYU creamery for treat.

Paisley got spoiled.

Then we hiked all around campus.

Remembering when Blake was so pure that he wouldn't walk on the grass.

 Not feeding the ducks.

And hunting out a geocache.

We ended at the Bean Museum which much to Cosie's dismay was not a museum of beans.

Luna said "Chicken, chicken, chicken!" to every bird we saw.

We headed out once the kid's started terrorizing the gift shop to The Rules. Blake's old college roommate and his family. There we ate more hamburgers, played more games, and dealt with more non-sleeping children.

It was great to see them and Friday morning the kids were not thrilled to leave - even though we were going to a bounce house place. 

Complete with rock wall.

The perfect tablet. Giant and on the floor and requires full body movement to function - if it wasn't $10,000, I'd be tempted.


 And arcade games for my two competitive family members. I will say that I did beat Blake - even with his interfering elbows.

Perry being cute on the way out.

Groupon pulled through for us and for $13 it entertained the kids for a good two hours. Then we headed to Costa Vida for lunch and on to Salt Lake. We found a park for the kids while Perry and Blake napped in the car. 

Then spent an hour at the church history museum.

We meet Micah and James at Grandma Nay's for dinner and playing then headed over to Jana's and Christopher's for a game and because the only thing Paisley wanted to do in Utah was "SEE KATE!!!" 

The kids and I hung out there the next morning while Blake won the Layton Marathon with a PR. I guess all those sleepless nights and extra cookies did him good.

I love this man and his crazy running habit!

Awesome finish!

We headed back to Jana's so Blake could shower and I could grab the kids that their Birdie Lou so graciously was watching while Luna and I watched Blake's finish. We got on the road only to spot a KFC and Blake finally deciding on what he wanted for his post-race meal. "That is what I want!" The greasier - the saltier - the better.

We survived the ride home with tired kiddos only stopping for ice cream cones. 

It was a great family trip (now that we are all out of the car).


Jana Weaver said...

So, so glad you came! Sorry we had a busy Saturday scheduled and you didn't get much sleep. Kate prayed tonight about how grateful she was that Paisley and Cosie got to come (and that Blake won his race). We will definitely need to play games and let the kids play again!

Micah Taylor said...

It was so fun to see you and play (and walk ALL over campus)!! Thanks for coming :) James loved being surrounded with his cousins!