I wake to the noise of running water. It confuses me. I get up from bed to look out the window - which is completely pointless as I don't have contacts in and can not see more than a foot in front of me. I also hear some scratching and an occasional "ping." So I do what Cyndi does anytime I am awake at 2am and hear unfamiliar sounds - I immediately conclude it is a prowler. I am positive the guy has turned on the hose as white noise to cover up the sounds of his breaking and entry and at any given moment my entire family is going to die. I go over this scenery for about 10 minutes before my overactive mind gets the best of me. And because I am essentially blind, I disturb my husband's peaceful slumber and wake him with the words he probably most loathes coming from my mouth, "I hear something." It takes him a few minutes and my constant repeating of the phrase before he is up and on the hunt for the source of the noise so that we can both return to our bed in peace. After a brief search of our room and the hallway, he heads upstairs into our living room. He heads to the far corner of the room and looks out our large windows. Then with a sigh of frustration he says, "It's raining. The sound you are hearing is rain."

And it all makes sense...
The running water was the rain down the gutters.
The scratching was our friendly mouse friend searching for shelter in our walls.
And the pings were it hitting the roof vents.

Not a prowler - just rain.

And the native Washingtonian in me hangs her head in shame.

There was once a time I could sleep through the torrential downpours of The Pacific Northwest, now a slight desert drizzle is enough for me to lose a good hour of sleep over.

I am losing my touch - I need to go "home" where I can remember what real rain sounds like.


Britt said...

Ha ha ha ha!

Awesome story!

AndersonGR8 said...

Yes, come home any time to refresh your memory! Good laugh here over this post.

HowellAZ said...

Rain...great white noise for an intruder. Lol!