Kiddo update...

It's been awhile since I just talked about the daily ins and outs of the kids - so let's see what we can get down.

Paisley - 

She is big. We have started sharing clothes to some degree - boots and sweatshirts mainly. I keep commenting on this and people make it about me and say, "Well - you're just tiny." But it isn't that, it isn't about me. It is about her and how she was my baby but now she is not and when did she get so big and all those confounding questions parents ask about, "Where did the time go?" For so long, I have done the mother of small children thing - it has become all I know and how I define "me" but she is stretching beyond that and I am not so sure I am ready to be forced to stretch in return.

She is doing piano, Spanish class before school, gymnastics, and activity days. She loves everyone of these activities and would happily do a handful more of extracurricular things.  Her school teacher is perfect for her - tons of programs and awards and spotlights on each child. School was never a challenge last year and this year it is and she told me that it "makes it less boring."

She loves food - always has and always will. Last night, she was lamenting how it almost makes her cry to see the bread sticks from school lunch get thrown away by kids who don't like them. She wishes she could have a hot lunch everyday (but not necessary the school's hot lunch) because they usually make "some gross stuff." No she wants hot lunch like homemade mashed potatoes/gravy or basil chicken. Last night, it came to me that she would be very successful as a food critic because one of her favorite things about food is to talk about it. Blake asked "How does one get into such an industry?" and I said, "Move to New York." So if we head east now you know why.

Cosette - 

She is quiet. I am constantly reprimanding her siblings for talking over her. It is so fun to watch her and her shyness. Previous to raising her, I always equated shy to some form of low self-assurance but that is so not what it is. Out of all my kids, Cosette is the most comfortable in her own skin. She is not out to perform or compete - she is who she is and is happy about it. It reminds me of the characteristics about Blake that first attracted me to him. He was good to the core not because he was trying to impress anyone or receive praise but just because it was fundamentally who he was.

She is doing piano, Spanish class before school, and an art class. The art class came about because I was feeling some guilt about Paisley always having lots of activities going on when Cosie does not. I asked if there was anything she would like to learn or do (fully expecting dance to be her answer); instead, she said, "Do they have art classes?" and so we found one. It is so Cosie-style. A teacher, 3 students, and quiet time to work on creative projects. School is also going well for her - she is a genius but doesn't know it yet.

Fielding - 

He is learning. Letters and numbers have always tripped him up but he has became a little sponge and is soaking everything in from school. He pointed out the words theis, and see to me in a book today. THIS IS HUGE! I've worried about his eyes, his brain, possibly dyslexia - but maybe all he needed was a bubbly kindergarten teacher singing, "Make his hat, make his back, make his tummy round and fat!"

He goes to piano as well now and after a few issues about wanting to play the songs perfectly first time, we are making some headway. He has memorized Mary Had a Little Lamb and likes to show off his skills any chance he can get. He wants to get into karate still but I can not find a class that (A) has morning classes and (B) doesn't cost the same as our mortgage. I will keep looking though because I think he could use a little help still in the focusing department and with social interactions.

Perry - 

He is bored. He has two questions he asks me all day, "What are we going to do now?" and "Can I watch a show?" He has zero ability to self-direct into an activity so it is up to me to pull out things and tell him that he needs to play with them for a bit. I have been trying hard to find friends for him to have over because if he has a like-minded buddy he will happily play for hours. He has been into riding his bike so we go for lots of walks but I think the weather is going to put a damper on that for awhile.

He gladly goes to the gym, the library, the store, etc. He likes to go places and will start crying when he recognizes that we are headed back home. Which reminds me that he has an amazing sense of direction. He has got our town all figured out and just the other day when we were going to Cosie's art class he said "It looks like we are going to the river." and he was right.

Luna - 

She is cute. I need to stop saying it but she is just so chunky, giggly, and a little bit mischief. She loves the toilet - like more than anything. It drives me crazy especially when people give great advice like, "Just keep the door shut." I have four door openers and closers - they do not understand the hazard it is to leave the bathroom one ajar. She has done all sorts of horrible things that my mother-in-law would not be able to stomach so we will keep the details off of here.

She is getting teeth but besides a little bit of sleep disruption is doing fairly well with it this time (this is usually not the case). She has gotten picky about her snacks and won't eat crackers of any sort which is kind of annoying when I need to just grab something for her on the go. I think maybe they hurt her teeth. She has also started talking a little bit more and says, "Cheese, thumbs up, here kitty kitty, roar, meow, woof woof, and AHHHHHHHHHHH!" She still has the shrillest scream around and has realized it's power during church - ugh.

She has this annoying habit of late where she rolls up all the rugs (which we have numerous of) multiple times a day. My floors are already in a sorry state as is - I don't need rugs all scrunched up blocking doors to add to it. I think she knows this bugs me and does it any time that she feels I am not paying attention to her.

And that is about it... or about all I have time for.


Jana Weaver said...

I love hearing how you talk about your children! They are all so wonderful and such great examples to my kids.

Unknown said...

Curious since I want to start mine in this... at what age did you begin the piano lessons?

Jo said...

The piano teacher mother-in-law says start piano at 7 or 8 years old. But I let the grandchildren start earlier and we do simple short lessons until they are ready for more.
There are pre-school music classes that are fun for rhythm and singing, but one-on-one lessons are better when they are reading.

AndersonGR8 said...

Love the kiddo updates. Brings back lots of memories of you and your brothers and sisters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question! I am excited to get my kid started, but I need to chill for a few years.


HowellAZ said...

Miss those kiddos! What a wonderful family you have.

HowellAZ said...

Miss those kiddos! What a wonderful family you have.