We caved and raked our first (of many) leaf piles.

We never actually got them cleaned up but they were a fantastic source of evening entertainment.

We hit up the pumpkin patch - well I took the 3 little ones with Fielding's class and on Thursday Blake will take the girls. Between field trips and activity days we decided that that was enough pumpkin patching for the year. 

And we carved our pumpkins.

A monkey, an emoji turned Captain Kangaroo, (a squash-o-lantern by Cosie), a cat, and a freaky face.

We haven't had to bust out our Halloween costumes yet (which might be an all-time record for us) so the kids are getting way pumped about that this weekend...

And it froze so I like to think that we are done with canning season... however Blake learned you can make green tomato salsa which is an unfortunate discovery. I did some grape juice this year but gave away loads and loads of grapes - I added up the total of what everyone told me they canned and just our juicing grapes alone produced ~187 quarts of grape juice (THAT MY FRIENDS IS MADNESS!). 

It was a bumper crop year for our fruit trees and vines - And I am happy with all that we got preserved and all that I was able to share with my friends that don't have an orchard in their backyard.

Fall has been at it's finest and we are spending as many of our waking hours as we can out and about in the fantastic weather.

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