5 fantastic moments of the weekend...

5. Ward Trunk-or-Treat. We were there for about 30 minutes... the kids got bucketfuls of candy, Blake got lots of kudos on his Gandalf costume, and I got to see the giraffe baby in action for one more year.
A vampire, Princess Leia, and Rey.

Gandalf and Luna.

Perry refused to dress up - I'm lucky he decided to wear his hat.


Just plain adorable.

4. After the trunk-or-treat, we dropped all 5 kids off at Blake's moms so we could enjoy a 16 hour date! We didn't pick them up until 10am the next morning. IT WAS PERFECT!!!

3. I ate the most amazing steak of my life. Barbacoa's coulotte steak and cajun shrimp on the hot rock is top notch. 

2. We finally saw Bourne. Matt Damon came to Boise to do a special premiere a few months back. Blake and I decided that we were going to go and would buy tickets the next morning - unfortunately the tickets sold out in minutes. We feel like we let Jason down, especially since it took us this long to finally see his movie.

1. Blake and I went for a run together - first time in awhile (since he drunk the "serious runner" kool-aid) that he was willing to slow down his pace for me. Besides critiquing my form and analyzing my gait - it was nice to be out on the road together.

The not amazing thing of the weekend... the entire family spent hours working on the yard yesterday and we have nothing to show for it. The leaf madness is crazy!

Happy Sunday! See you tomorrow for Halloween!!!


Britt said...

Chloe won't wear her costume, either. We go through the battle every year. But she wears a costume almost every other day of the year.

There are definitely pros and cons to running with husbands. Ha ha!

Micah Taylor said...

giraffe baby! so cute :)