The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe...

Best "free stuff" Craigslist find to date. The guy had just moved here from Idaho City and was so confused why he had 20 emails about it in the first hour, "We all have junk like this in Idaho City and no one wants it but here everyone does." Luckily I saw it first...

Originally I wanted to keep it wood and re-stain it but it was just too hammered. I couldn't decide on which paint color to do because I knew it would have looked great in a bright color. But I knew if I went more neutral that it could rotate between rooms in my house whenever I have the itch to switch things around. So that is what I did. First, I tried going pure white but it was in such rough shape that it needed a more "antiqued" look to pull it together.

I chalk painted it white, than tan, glazed it, than distressed it. I didn't have a plan or anything, I just kind of kept doing things to it until I could step back and say, "Ohhh - I like that!". The chicken wire on the doors is something I have wanted to do for a long time... I love it!

Right now, it is hanging out in our dining room storing the board games that can never seem to find their way back to the game closet, my kid's scrapbooks, and whatever other junk I can cram in there.

The legs were falling off so they had to be reattached which was a bit of a pain and the bottom front panel is warped but I like imperfections like that... makes me feel better when my kids knock the other side off track.

As I was stapling on the chicken wire, my friend (who stalks Craigslist about as much as me) texted me to say this dresser was sitting on someone's drive. I buckled the kids in and rushed over.

 It is a very sad and insanely heavy dresser but I love the castors on the legs and think I can fix it to at least look pretty (proper function is out of the question). Plus there was a vintage hobby horse sitting out as well -  which I was probably more excited about than the dresser.

I've decided my dream job would be a junk hauler - I love other people's trash (and so does Luna).

I really need to start taking pictures of my other kid's again - she is just always around and always a ham.

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Jo said...

That turned out very nice. I like the chicken wire.

You could make a doll house out of the dresser...