Laboring on Labor Day...

Two of my sisters and my mom came for a "canning party" this weekend. We were allstars and with the four of us and the kids (theirs being far more helpful than mine) "put up":
73 pints of salsa
28 quarts freezer pasta sauce
25 quarts freezer corn
27 quarts applesauce
7 quarts apple pie filling
20 quarts white grape juice

It was quite amazing! Between that and a thorough scrub down of my kitchen - I am going to sleep well tonight!

Saturday started nice and early with the main event - salsa.

Then we moved onto corn and tomato sauce. 

And finished the night with the kid's favorite - the applesauce machine.

Sunday we had a day of rest and the Eastern Idaho folks headed east.

And Monday Kara and I finished it off with the grape juice. The most eventful of all the canning as we almost had a nuclear meltdown due to user (mine) error on the juicer. 

We all survived but we will just say that I am so glad we only spent $75 on our stove - it got well, shall we say, loved this weekend.

We also squeezed in a bit of fun too but my body is screaming for my bed so that will have to wait for another day.


Kara Bowman said...

I loved every minute of it! Think this needs to be a yearly canning! Worth the drive! As Christy always says"work hard, play hard!" Thanks for letting us break in your kitchen!

Jana Weaver said...

Powerhouse! Canning parties are way better than doing it all on your own. And quite a bit faster. Sounds like an exhausting weekend, but a good one.

Christy Jensen said...

We are amazing together!