Fun things from my phone...

I am considering installing one of these in my bathroom.

Old-school-after-school snacks.

Perry and Luna went down for simultaneous naps, a phenomenon that has not occurred in over 6 months. I celebrated with hot cookies, milk, and a book.

 Overzealous painting... Am I the only one who wakes up Thursday morning and decides today sounds good to paint their son's room three different colors, complete with a trimmed-out chalkboard? We will see if it ever gets finished.

Don't ask me "How do you do it all?" The answer is "I peel my potatoes outside (while the kids ride bikes) and leave the skins all over the sidewalk to shrivel up in the sun." But hey at least I got the much requested mashed potatoes on the table for dinner.

I made lots of promises of "Yes we can do that once school starts" so I am going down the list. Homemade gummy Legos sure put a smile on this boy's face since he got the molds back in July for his birthday and has been asking for them ever since.

A bunch of books I requested from the library came in so I have been reading lots. This is from Roald Dahl's memoir Boy. I can't get the underlined part out of my head... 

Planning for our springtime trip to Boston and New York... I mapped everything out based on where I want to eat (recommendations courtesy of Jim Gaffigan). Not pictured is also every street vendor that catches my eye. Blake keeps reminding me we are only going to be there for 4 meals - I think he may have forgotten second breakfast, elevenses, supper, and afternoon tea.


Kara Bowman said...

How could he for get second breakfask? And no elevenses and supper, and you can't forget about afternoon tea! He must be crazy!!

Kara Bowman said...
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