Coffee table and other pre-weekend ramblings...

Tables go through lots of transformations around here... paint and required function are changed almost yearly it seems.

First dining table = current art table (which is now located on the back deck) and is slowly morphing into canning table/eat-something-messy-go-outside-table

Second dining table  = current Lego table

And then there is our coffee table - I picked it up at a garage sale in AZ for $10 where it had a nice southwest white and green crackle scheme. It served well previous to no kids as a cute living room centerpiece complete with quilted runner and clay pottery. Then we had Paisley and after she cracked her eye open on it I went all 1st-time-mom and painted it white and upholstered the top with batting and vinyl - soft and wipeable - a mom win. Once we moved to Idaho and sold our two lovesacs in exchange for grown-up furniture, our couch set came with an ottoman. Our last house had a small living room so the coffee table and ottotman could not co-exist in the same room so the table got booted to the front porch (I couldn't stand to part with it) until Blake turned it into our first Lego table by taking off my upholstery and adding molding. I painted the whole thing light tan because that was the color I had in the garage. 

It floated from the girl's room to the toy room until we moved. Here the table found a home in the Lego room until I got our 3rd (and hopefully final) dining room table so it got replaced by a larger and farther out of toddler reach table. So it was living kind of homelessly in the living room corner where it collected random toys. Since Blake had added the lip I couldn't help but see it inlaid with some barnwood and yesterday a magical trip to our shop turned up some old fence posts I saved from the garbage man that I have been stashing that were the perfect thickness.

I love my new (but oh so very old) table that has re-earned it's spot back as coffee table.

And yes - those are dinosaurs hashing it out on The Book of Mormon.

In other news, I picked the last 3 gallons of plums and gave them away which officially means our fruit trees are done - hallelujah. Now just walnuts, grapes, and late tomatoes to go... I see the end of produce season... just in time for raking season to start. I wish I had logged everything we canned/freeze-d/dried this year - our fruit trees were crazy loaded this year. I am really starting to question why my husband deemed it necessary to plant 8 more fruit trees - yes, 8... he is a lunatic. I am thinking it might be time to consider opening a produce stand each summer.

Ummm, I also volunteered to be the scrapbook coordinator for Fielding's class. I don't know why I am waffling on my "let school be school" stance. First class rep for Cosie's class due to the salesman of a PTA president we have and now this. But it was really fun to be a part of his Teddy Bear picnic - I wish I could post the pages I did but I don't have the parental permission to. But here is my cute kid - no permission needed:

Fielding is rocking kindergarten. It has been so good for him - socially, mentally, holding-still-and-focusing-ly. I love all that he is learning and seeing his excitement each day.

Well I hear the bus' brakes screeching so I better go attempt to hear 3 kids tell me about their day simultaneously!

In Luna's words, "ARrrrrRRReee you ready for the weekend?"

WE ARE!!!!


Taylor said...

I actually planted 9 trees.

AndersonGR8 said...

Entertaining look in and around the Taylor home. Hope to score a night there this week.