Boy's room...

It took Thursday to Thursday but got it painted and semi-put back together.

The chalkboard is a hit.

Still got a few decor items on my list to get - like a rusty ol' hubcap for this wall.

A hook for the red star hanger that was missing one.

A curtain for the naked window.

And a large print of the boys for here (to encourage brotherly love).

Like this adorable one from Jake's wedding:
(never mind it disappeared from cyber-land but trust me they were cute and looked like the actually like each other)

The boys room was really sad since we moved in. The rumor from the neighbors is that the previous owners didn't get along so the wife lived upstairs and the husband downstairs. From the looks of the boys room - I think it was were they fought their battles - neutral ground perhaps. It has been fun to actually give them a room that looks like a little bit of thought went into it and fresh paint to hide all the battle wounds.


Jo said...

You can get the photo from Facebook. Jake put them all there. I need you to help me order some prints. I love that picture of Fielding and Perry. I think they look a lot alike in it too.

Jo said...

Looks great, by the way!