Except for Paisley about 5 years ago, our kids had never been bowling. So Kara made their day and took them to the Taj Mahal of bowling, Big Al's.

The bowlers!

 Getting properly attired.

Kara teaching Paisley how it is done.

Blake reteaching Paisley to correct what he thought was Kara's bad form.

 The spectators!

The kids enjoyed the fun, especially that they got a two bucks to spend in the arcade upstairs while we waited for our lane. I love that my kids are still so easy to please... this outing was about as extravagant as we get! Especially when Dad had a giftcard and ordered us some fries and tots... Paisley's mouth hung open in disbelief, "I thought you would never buy food at a place like this!"

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Jana Weaver said...

I love Paisley's comment!