Another whirlwind trip in honor of Jake's wedding.

Left at 5am (thanks to a 4am wake-up call from miserable teething Luna).

Arrived at Grandma Nay's for lunch with the Taylor clan.

Luna showing off her favorite trick (her current nickname is Godzilla and I can not keep her off tables).

The fiercest arm wrestling match I have ever seen.

My littles were in desperate need of a nap so we left dad to party with his brothers while we headed to Springville to see my roommate, Sara and family.

There was dinner, bubbles, and bedtime.

 Blake left bright and early (like 3am) for the Morgan Valley Marathon. 

He had another awesome finish with 3:00:08 - he really wishes he was 9 seconds faster. 

But it was still good for 2nd place in the men's division and $100 crammed into a 2-liter!

While he was off slaying dragons, Sara and I took the kids to this awesome little retention pond that some genius person turned into a beach.

Luna and Ben (climbing on the table - again).

Fielding would have stayed all day had I let him...

Once Blake got back and showered, we headed over to Micah and Hank's and squeezed in a not-so-quick game of Agricola while the kids ran rampant in their townhouse dumping every toy they could find.

Around 4 we headed to Thanksgiving Point, where the boys had to report for a rehearsal.

The sister-in-laws attempted to entertain this crew with the few free things to do...

 Like terrorizing the gift shop.

Climbing rocks.

And spying baby chicks.

Then we found a bathroom to put on some spiffier clothes and got to the main event!

The per-ti-est wedding I have ever been too!

This picture makes me swoon!

Then she got poked by his boutineer...

I have no idea where Cana and Cosie found the mud to make this special centerpiece. I guess I even have my free-range parenting limits - no mudpies at weddings!

There was a lemonade bar - pretty sure Fielding was over the legal limit.

The family with Grandma Nay - see my ghost hand trying to grab Blake to pull him closer as to not have that awkward gap.

 The kids intently watching the first dance.

Luna liked the dance floor.

I was trying to get Blake and Hank talking but James walked into the frame with this suspicious look on his face... the groomsmen looked great in their gray suits.

Nice to be a part of Jake and Melinda's magical night.

It won't be something my kids forget anytime soon.

We went back to Micah and Hank's and found a place for all the kids to crash then played another round of Agricola.

Early church and a long long drive home...


Chadwick and Julie said...

The picture of Luna with Blake is darling! Love seeing men with their little girls. And Chad commented that if Blake made second place with just over three hours, it must have been a slow marathon. I think he might be jealous somewhere not-so-deep down....

Taylor said...

It was a slow marathon. Only 90 runners total. I literally only saw 3 other runners after the first mile, and only 1 other after mile 12. Still fun to run though!