The rest of it...

With no particular rhyme and reason, here is the rest of our summer break...

Kitty loves!

Wheelbarrows full of peaches...



and Corn.

 Making cookies the old fashion way.

 Pictures for his teacher - before school even started and every day since.

 $6 dresser re-dos.

Love how it turned out.

 And love scraping the last bit of paint out of one of the many pints of mis-tints that I can't walk away from.

 Dragon library - there is a reason my kids request this one. Last week of summer - sure you can play on the tablet until the library lady comes hunting us down saying you were supposed to return those 20 minutes ago.

 New art medium: salt dough + melty beads.

My caterpillar that looked exactly like poop since I forgot these were in the oven for 5+ hours.

 Bike rides - Cosie got a new bike and it has re-sparked the fun of all things wheels - the cooler weather also helps.

 River sitting.

 Paisley and her friend squeezing into dress-ups.

 The girls hugged the sign - I might have also.

 Cosette and I snuck away for an hour at the Goodwill.

2-liter soda bottle rocket launch - Mormon fun at it's finest.

 Perry and Luna having a dance party.

She empties the shoes at least once a day.

Summer 2016... a lot of work - a lot of play.

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Jana Weaver said...

Wow! Look at all that produce!!