My week in status updates...

Monday: Sometimes I try to be all civilized and put the toilet paper on the actual holder, but then Luna comes along and I immediately regret it.

Tuesday: To nap or not to nap the three-year-old - that is always the question.

Wednesday: The truth about getting to the gym with 5 kids... the loading of the van is far harder than any workout I do there.

Thursday: The definition of popsicle: an object used to keep children outside longer.

Friday: Fielding just got cast as a liontamer in the Circus Imagination - I think he may have found his calling in life.

Saturday: It must be the last weekend of summer - I just sent my 3 oldest outside with soda bottles and 3 cans of spray paint and said "Go for it."

Sunday: So long Rio... it was good while it lasted.

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Britt said...

I never put my TP on the roll because of the baby, but sometimes when guests come over, they put it on the roll for me, and they probably think they are doing me a huge favor. They are not.

The end.