How to do the fair for $10...

I like fairs. Growing up it was a right of passage to "work the fair" (sell food at one of our family friends' booths). So the fair will always have a soft place in my heart. Unfortunately, Blake and I swore off the fair two years ago when it became more of a "no thing" than a "yes thing." No we can't go on the rides. No we can't buy fried Twinkies. No we can't get sparkly face paint. We outgrew the fair - well, outgrew it at the price we were willing to pay.


The fair was offering free admission for the first two hours of opening day... which happened to be the last weekday of Summer break. So in what can only be described as an act of insanity, I decided to take the kids by myself. Luckily on our way over to that side of town, we swung by Grandma Taylors and she graciously offered to keep Luna for naptime - it made the whole experience a thousand times easier.

Here is what we did:

Butterfly exhibit: $0

 Circus Imagination: $5 on two souvenir buttons in an effort to say thanks for an amazing show.

Fielding the liontamer.

Cosette the butterfly ballerina.

Paisley the "shoot the kid out of the cannon" stunt double.

Ag tent and petting zoo: $0

The kids got a little sad when we ended up by the rides - Paisley's exact quote, "It might be a lot of money mom but look how much fun she is having; it probably is worth it."

So I ushered them away and we split a sno-cone: $4

Then on the way out we used our final dollar to tip this clown because he was so spazzy he garnered my sympathy.

We thought we would be spending lots more time at the fair showing pigs. But 4H turned out to be more of commitment than Blake and I were ready for. Once we realized our pigs would not make weight, the thought of multiple 6-hour-days at the fair made us queasy. 

So we quit - Slacker Parenting 101: Don't finish what you have started.

So it turns out 3 hours, 10 bucks, and Grandma to watch the baby is the perfect recipe for a successful trip to the fair. My only regret is Blake not being there to watch Fielding tame the wild animals - this kid could go far in theater!

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Jana Weaver said...

Way to brave the fair...I thought about taking my kids to our county fair but the thought of dealing with me saying no to rides won and we stayed home instead. Your week in status updates was fun! Hope the school year starts great!