Hot springs backpacking...

At the beginning of summer, we made a plan with the Edvalsons to go backpacking together. We threw a date on the calendar and tried our hardest to keep it clear so that it actually happened. Mr. Edvalson is our bishop; therefore, a busy guy so we ended up rescheduling once but this past weekend we made it happen! And it was a blast!

Luna's first experience with overnight backpacking - she was a trooper.

The Edvalson kids really helped keep our kids moving - Perry hiked the two miles in all by himself (as long as he was holding Truman or Ms. Brandi's hand).

Ms. Brandi was Fielding's preschool teacher and he still idolizes her.

Amanda with her bear-hair mustache.

We followed a beautiful river all the way in.

Luna liked the pack most the time and was easily distracted with food during those moments she didn't.

Fielding with his walking stick.

 The scary part - the only casualty was my lens cap.

Happy Campers!

Bishop packing the chips - a new backpacking requirement.

Brandi brought glowsticks which was nice because we got in right at night fall and there was a fire ban.

We ate dinner and popcorn and pudding - then crawled into our tents. The kids slept great - Luna cried out once or twice but Blake was able to get her back to sleep. In the morning, no one (except Fielding) was real eager to get out of their warm sleeping bags since there was no fire.

Luna crashed out again shortly after downing an entire bowl of oatmeal.

Then we got to the main event!

The hot spring!

A nice warm soak on a chilly morning in the mountains.

We filled the pool. Mine and my kids first experience with a non-commercialized hot pool.

And watched the sunrise.

After we got all pruney, we headed back to camp and feed the kids all sorts of snacks while we packed up.

There was a lean-to up the hill that provided a nice place to play house while the adults were cleaning up house.

Once we got our packs back on, we snapped some family photos.

And had the eager campers waiting for our spot take a group shot.

 Then headed down the mountain - Blake always gets the award for ridiculously large pack. He had four sleeping bags strapped on this thing.

We took the lower trail and had to cross some rivers which kept things cool.

Luna crashed out the whole way and the kids dragged a bit more hiking out. Here Cosie is almost back to the trailhead.

Perry had to be carried a little bit more on the way down but still did great for his little legs.

Found the trailhead.

Good times with a great group! I want to go back to this location and explore some more - it was beautiful!


Jana Weaver said...

Sounds like an awesome adventure!

AndersonGR8 said...

Too much fun in those Idaho hills!