First days...

The excitement level was through the roof last night!

They could not wait to go back.

Or get to go for the first time!

So shiny!

I couldn't get over that Paisley has less than a shoe size before her feet size catches mine.

 Girls heading off bright and early.

Fielding almost died waiting for 12:30... He said every 10 minutes, "I am just so excited!"

I cried... not out of "I don't want him to go." More like, "Wow - he is so big. He is going to love this new independence! I am so happy for him."

I love school... I love that it gives us routine. I love that it gives us something to focus our efforts on. I love that it fosters growth. I love that it gives Luna a quieter nap time. I love that it gives Perry some moments just with mom. I love that it gives my children a break from me (and more importantly from each other) so that when we are reunited that we are all the better for it. 

It is going to be a great year!

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Jo said...

I was looking forward to piano today just for the excitement of hearing all about it!