Weird kid...

The kid I least understand has been and always will be Cosie.

(Teenage Cosie - when you read this do not take that wrong. You have amazing qualities but you got all of those from your dad and as they are not my natural mode of operation sometimes I just don't get you - or him for that matter.)

Case and point:

Three weeks ago, Paisley and Fielding joined The Bonewells at Roaring Springs (the local and totally awesome water park) for the day. Cosette was informed she would also get to go in a few weeks with them. She asked daily when it would be her turn and yesterday the day finally came. An hour later there was a knock at my door and there was Cosie dripping wet informing me she was "done swimming."

Ummm - what?!?

Roaring Springs on bring a buddy day is $16. Did I seriously just spend $16 for you to only spend an hour there. What?!? Why are you here already?

Kelsey said she tried to persuade her otherwise but after one trip on each ride, Cosette firmly declared she was done and wanted to go home.


This is such Cosie behavior. I guess I forgot to inform her that in order for her to go she needed to spend a minimum of 3 hours there ( I mean that wasn't even worth the 3 minutes of sunscreen application process). As I tried to explain this as nicely as possible (when I was internally screaming) to her after, she promptly burst into tears, "I still had fun Mom. I was just done after the rides."

And then she handed me this and I frankly had no other choice but to forgive her:

Blake and I have decided we need to put a book together of her notes - they are just too good.


Kassie said...

You are an amazing Mother and your patience is something to be revered and admired! PS: She is so sweet! 💜

Jana Weaver said...

I would have been dying in the inside too...good thing she has the sweetest notes. Parenting is definitely a tricky thing.

Britt said...

Chloe does things like this, too, and I don't know yet whether it's just a phase (three year olds, sigh....) or if it's her personality. She has a very short tolerance for being away from home even when we are doing things that are fun. It can be very frustrating.

Jo said...

One hour at Roaring Springs would be enough for me too. But it would have been fun for that hour.