Sawtooth Backpacking...

Blake's number one goal for summer was to take the older kids backpacking in the Sawtooths. So even though it was a bit chaotic with the whole remodel thing - we made it happen.

Thursday morning, we dropped off a teething Luna and a distraught Perry ("I want to sleep in a tent too!") to Grandma Jo. We took awhile to get out of town as we needed gas and free cookies and a Costa Vida salad for mom.

 Then we drove 3 hours to Blake's favorite mountains - my least favorite thing about the Sawtooths: the forever winding road to get there. We stopped at the ranger station in Stanley, Id to get our tags and some info then were on our way.

We backpacked in 5 miles to Hell Roaring Lake. The kids were troopers - especially Paisley who carried her pack, complete with sleeping bag, the whole way.

Once at camp, we set a few things up then got strait to work fishing and exploring the lake.

We came back for dinner, smores, and a bedtime snack of trout (foil+lemon pepper+fire = deliciousness!)

Day 2 came and I awoke to my husband and Paisley missing from the tent...

There was a note, they went fishing.

Paisley has fallen hard for the sport of fishing and won't let Blake go without her.

These were the two biggest fish of the trip and they complimented our failed pancake breakfast very nicely.

After breakfast, we set off to find the next lake on what was supposed to be an easy day hike.

It was not easy.

It was long and up the side of a mountain and the only real marks of a trail was the occasional cairn. We were low on water because we just planned to pump it at the lake and the kids were dragging. 

Without these cairns, we would not have made it. Not because we wouldn't have found the way but because they gave the kids the much needed encouragement to "Find the next cairn!"

Luckily on the way down, we found a trail. It just went the long way around our lake where camp was so that was still exhausting.

I even braved going all in with the freezing water back at the lake because I felt so disgusting after this hike. 

After this, things got a little boring. I am (and forever will be) a one-night camper. I get bored easily so unless I am moving from place to place - I don't know how to just do the whole chill in the woods for awhile thing.  And the thought of another night in the tent was not looking appealing. And I could have really gone for some "real food." Even Blake was ready to bail and we were "this close" to talking the kids into just heading home that night but big-puppy-eyes-I-really-just-want-to-sleep-in-the-tent-again won out and we stayed. Which is probably a good thing because it would have been a death march to get those kids back out the 5 miles we came in after a full morning/afternoon of hiking.

So we stayed and made the most of it but come first light, we ate our oatmeal and split.

I was even over picture taking at this point but had to get one of Paisley by the NO COLLECTING ROCKS sign because we hadn't even made it to the trailhead that first day when she already had 7 rocks that she needed to keep. She is a total packrat!

It was a fantastic experience and we were super proud of our kids for doing this "hard thing." We look forward to many more years of Sawtooth adventures... just one night at a time from now on.

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Jana Weaver said...

That's awesome you took the kids backpacking! What wonderful memories they're going to have.