This room is a mess,

and this room is a mess,

and this room is a mess,

even outside is a mess.

But it is all okay because this is happening:

After 18 days, I am able to make cookies in my own kitchen and all is right in the universe.

I wouldn't call it finished because tomorrow the cabinet guy is coming to install the crown molding and I still need to put on my big girl pants and attempt to hang four shelves on my freshly tiled backsplash. But Noel packed his bags and was gone before the final caulk he applied this morning was dry. I so appreciate him coming out and making all most of my wildest dreams come true.

Remodeling is awful and I vow never ever to do it again. The sounds, the mess, the constant "Oh and there is this problem so it will cost you another trip to Lowes and an extra $500."  

There is a lot more I could say about the whole process and in a few weeks when the post-traumatic-stress dissipates I will hopefully get to it with a million yummy pictures of my new favorite room in the house... 

But if you can't wait that long then please just come on over - I'll even bake you some cookies.

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Bekah said...

Yay!!! It looks amazing! So happy for you guys!