Kitchen switching...

I was excited to get back from hiking to see the kitchen progress.

 Things that are done:
Door moved
Bulkhead gone
Fridge cubby built
Cabinets in
Floor in

Things currently being done:
Refinishing dining room floor to match new kitchen floor
Countertops being fabricated
New oven and microwave being purchased

Things left to do:
Cabinet trim
Countertops in
Sink in
Backsplash tiled
Light fixture in
Door trimmed
Floating shelves mounted
Lots of touch up painting
A long and wordy letter written to Noel expressing my gratitude for his expertise, his patience with all the many many things that go wrong with working with a 40 year old home, and mainly his speed of work (9am to 9pm he is usually going strong).

Luna loved the empty expanse of the two rooms once we cleared everything out to work on the dining room floor.

This room kind of makes me feel like dancing.

And this room kind of makes me feel like crying... this was at it's best... it is even worse now that the kids have found all their hidden art supplies that they had to live without for a week and we squeezed Jaci and her family in for a sleepover over, around, and under the table. 

We are hopeful that construction will cease Friday!!!

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Chadwick and Julie said...

Your cabinets are lovely! And I'm glad your backpacking experience was a good one. Chadwick can't wait to take our kids hiking and do more fishing. Now to find the time...