*We finished Perry's birthday with pizza,

and presents,

and cupcakes,

and best of all, Chuck E Cheese!

*California cousins came to play. The kids are having a blast with them, except Luna who gets barricaded so she doesn't destroy "the game". 

*Cousin pile at bedtime - I could only get half the kids in the shot because the door was blocked by other kids.

*Blake's mom and I went to a benefit concert. I loved when David Archeleta hit the stage and a 100 phones went up for photos. Yay for Mormon superstars.

*Perry is loving all the trips to Lowe's lately.

*As for the kitchen - it went from bad to worse to absolutely awful.

*The door was moved and bulkhead blasted out so all the strurctural changes are complete which was good headway in the first four days.

But then we hit two speedbumps - Noel got food poisoning and our tile was stubborn as all get out. As I am trying to write this, Noel is jackhammering the most ridiculously adhered tile off the floor. It is harder noise to write by then my children's screams and that is saying something.

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Jana Weaver said...

Hope you survive the kitchen demo...