Friday came - we didn't finish construction but we are so close I can taste it!

Noel is still tile-ing... he measured it out and informed that I have more tile on my wall than most people do on their floors. He is officially sick of subway tile and hopes to never have to see it again.

 Blake is working on the cabinet hardware. I likened our countertops to frosting and would say knobs are the sprinkles... lovely little touches.

 I started laying out where I would put things away and had this glorious moment when I realized I have more cupboards than stuff to put in them... which is the best kind of problem to have.
And in other news,

We celebrated the start of the weekend by building a robot.

His name is Hugsy and he likes to eat all the toys!

Happy Friday!


Micah Taylor said...

Yay! That looks awesome so far-- You are almost there, hang in there :)
Also, I need to start making box robots for James!

Jana Weaver said...

So great your kitchen is almost done!!