Perry is 3...

He is all about instant gratification so we let him bust into presents early (and new toys was a good way to keep the kids out of the crazy demo scene in the kitchen).

5 facts about Perry:

5. Books. I can't talk about Perry without talking about books. He loves to be read to.

4. He has his own unique eating schedule... I never know when or what he will want to eat and he wastes the most food out of all my kids. His favorite time to eat is anytime we are away from home which I am not always never prepared for.

3. He loves playmates - Blake has asked me what he does all day and I have responded, "I don't even know." He basically follows me around or might harass Luna for a bit or if Fielding is in the right mood he will play with him... but otherwise he just kind of hangs out waiting for a friend. Cosette plays really well with him and if she is willing then she can get him to color or playdough or build for hours. He made a good little friend named Aaron at church and I love watching them play.

2. He is fairly well behaved until he is not... then he is a screaming puddle of irrational thoughts. I have learned naps are a must for him still even if it means that he stays up later. Sometimes he is giddy as I am laying him down midday so even he understands that a nap is a good idea.

1. He is adorable. His dark skin, white hair, and deep blue eyes makes for an award-winning combination. The other day we were swimming and he was with Blake. All I could see was both their heads above the water and the similarity between the two was striking. He looks like his daddy; therefore, I think he is cute.

I am excited to celebrate him today - we are going all out with a family trip to Chuck-E-Cheese tonight!


AndersonGR8 said...

Perry rhymes with Jerry, he is a great kid. Just growing up so fast.

Jo said...

Love that boy!