This week...

Lots of kitty loves.

Luna and Ginny... get it... Luna and Ginny - they just need to swap hair color.

 My parents and Grandma Rucker stopped by - 4 generations.

They brought us a dutch oven, a wheat grinder, Breeana, and even the kitchen sink. 

At the library. Cosette has mad kid pix skills!

Paisley is still opening up some birthday presents - she is a saver. I thought this would be a piece of junk but the girls really enjoyed it... I am even tempted to by the additional sets for future gifts.

 Mud pies.

 Eagle Island.

The Village.

Fishing turned craw-dad hunting at the river.

Fielding wouldn't relent on throwing this guy back... we brought it home and cooked it up and Fielding happily ate the nasty looking fish bug.

Dairy Days Parade.

Paisley was marching in it for 4H - she handed out candy like a pro.

The lake, the river, the park, the mall, the parade, and the neighbor's pool. It was a week-ful and now we get to do it all over again... minus Breeana which is a bummer. We were glad she could come play with us.


Jana Weaver said...

I can't believe Fielding ate that! Full, fun summer!

Jo said...

When did Breeana get so tall and pretty???