Summer scenes...

Summer is here and although I wouldn't say the living is easy, it is exciting.

Here is some snapshots into our summer thus far.

Walks and bike rides.

 We went to the public works expo...

It was all about poop which made the kids way more excited than it should have.

And I must have been in a crazy time-warp because I swear to you that I saw Blake's 12-year-old self.

The library.

Milking everything we pass for all the entertainment it is worth.


After park.

After park.

Picking berries at Great Uncle Steve's.

Chasing Luna away from the potty.

Trying to persuade this one near the potty.

The worst part... yes, the absolute worst part.

Melty beads - I do miss my old table with the lip around the edge when it comes to messes such as this.

Birdhouses that we picked up at the public works expo.

Snake chasing. 4... the kids caught 4 snakes yesterday... AGHHHHHHH!!! 

Yesterday - I realized that I hadn't taken a single photo this month on my real camera. So I charged it all up and plopped it on my counter and promised myself I would do better. 

Things not documented by photo:
*Batman and Robin - our 2 kitties that the kids are constantly loving on.
*Eagle Island for the first time
*Lots of friends over
*Ordered our cabinets and almost our countertops - EEEKKKS, this is scary!
*Our newly installed corn patch is up and going (pat on the back to Blake for doing it all)
*Nightly breakdowns as I wallow in mountains of laundry mixed with sheer exhaustion.

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