Eastern Idaho...

I was brave and took the kids on a 5 day trip to Eastern Idaho. But I wasn't brave enough to also take my camera. So here are a few of mine, my parents, and my sister's phone shots to commemorate what went on. So in no particular order here they are.

We went to a community fundraiser put on for my brother David's kids.

There was a dunk tank and the kids got to go in it.

Perry spent the entire 4 hours eating.

I don't even know whose popcorn this was... he just kept finding food.

My birthday present from my parent's was a night at the hotel with the kids. They thought the pool, the endless breakfast, and the elevator buttons were the best thing ever!

Beautiful Sunday morning walk on the Greenbelt with my parents.

Hate that this is how we have to "visit" them now.

Loving on the baby kitties at my brother's house...

We may or may not be in a bit of trouble with Blake for bringing one... or two... home with us.

Cousin piles.

Treasure hunt on the farm.

They actually slept like this - Christy is insane!

Luna with her auntie.

Field trip to the pheasant farm... tiny little babies - we should have not let Perry in here :(

The kids also slept on the tramp at Christy's.

I did not... trying to sleep while traveling is a beast when you are a mom. Paisley took this picture - our conversation was such:
"Mom are you awake?"
"Luna is - she looks like a doll."
"I am going to take a picture, k."

Giant water slides.

Cute chubs.

 Cosette and I puzzled.

Paisley mauling Jaci during Brooke's softball game. I realized I do not meet this girl's need of physical touch. She would have loved a more snuggly type of mom who would let her sleep with them... like Christy... or Jaci.

Trying on the helmet.

Snuggling while watching Cinderella.

I got a cold - I drove home like this.

I've always wanted to stop at Shoshone Falls on the way home from here... so we did.

The kids were far more impressed with the snow cones mom splurged on then the actual waterfalls.

Sorry if this made no sense... It's past my bedtime.


Chadwick and Julie said...

Looks like a good way to kick off the summer! What fun adventures you got to enjoy...and having kittens will be a blast! I'm thinking maybe our little hill in the backyard would be good for a slip and slide....if we mow a trail through the grass first. =)

AndersonGR8 said...

Awesome Idaho recap. It will be hard to duplicate that all summer long.