I'm not pregnant but that doesn't mean I have to stop craving. My latest cravings, in alphabetical order, include:

* Blake's touch
*Ceasar salad
*Date night (ALWAYS!)
*Fielding into a bunkbed so he will give me that "my life is awesome" smile of his.
*Grilled (anything grilled - I'll eat it)
*Hot cookies (I don't think this even counts as a craving anymore - just full blown addictive behavior)
*Imagination (children are sucking all creativity out of me)
*Junk (No time for thrift stores... I miss browsing junk)
*Kabobs (I think these fall under the anything grilled category)
*Luna's morning snuggles
*Matt Damon at The Village (they sold out in less than 24 hours - booo!)
*New kitchen
*Orange juice
*Reading (Summer break means increased kid book reading and decreased my book reading)
*Service opportunities
*Thunder (I could go for a beastly summer storm right about now)
*Understanding (There is this thing that I have been struggling to understand for years now - I am waiting for the day when the light bulb goes off and "I get it")
*Victory (If I lose Agricola one more time...)
*West coast beaches
*Yellow walls (I told myself I would keep it neutral at this house but I do miss my yellow wall)
*ZZZzzz (I wish I never had to sleep)

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