12 months...

Luna had her 12 month appt today. 

Her stats are:
Weight: 20 lbs (50th percentile)
Height: 28.5 inches (15th percentile)
Head: 45.5 cm (66th percentile)

She was healthy as can be even though she was a total grump.

Here are her awesome tricks at the moment:

*Loves when mom or dad lay on the floor and she can crawl all over us
*Sleeps through the night 98% of the time
*Loves scooting herself around on the plasma car and longboard
*Cheers up immediately if moved outdoors
*Fully weaned... hallelujah
*Loves to play Minute-To-Win-It with toilet paper, Kleenex, the wipes, etc.

*Eats all sorts of things - her favorites include cheese, yogurt, and bananas... and ice cream.

*Mama's girl - She will interrupt whatever I am doing with the other kids and come lay her head right on mine or scream at my feet if I am standing (which is far more often the case).

*Can take 5-10 consecutive steps but much prefers crawling

*Points at everything and says "What's that?" She can also say, "Chicken", "Mama", and for the first time today, "Paisley."

*Her eyes have this nice sleepy quality when she is not grinning for the camera (I can't capture it in a photo) and people at the store are always remarking, "Oh she must be tired." I smile and nod but really am thinking "No, she is just dreamy."

*Has the most fantastic strawberry blond hair around! (And the sensitive skin to go with it - I have already learned that she can't spend minutes outside without sunscreen).

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HowellAZ said...

One year already?!?! I really need to meet this beauty. She's precious.