Weekly recap...

Monday: Perry and Fielding went matchy matchy! These sweatshirts are vintage apparel from my elementary school.

Tuesday: Blake ordered a Ramen (I have been spelling it wrong my entire life - not Ramon) burger at Red Robin during our Tuesday night date. Weirdest burger I've ever tasted.

Wednesday: Learned Luna had an ear infection - here she is balancing on a rubix cube at the doctors.

Thursday: Fielding was ecstatic to find 12 eggs!

Friday: Prepped for Kara and Breeana's surprise visit!

Saturday: Blake and I snuck off for a date while the kids wrestled Kara (I don't think they even noticed we left).

We hiked to this abandoned cabin off the trail of the Robie Creek course.

 Sunday: Realized I shouldn't play games on Sunday because they totally kill any Christlike spirit in the home - WHY DOES BLAKE ALWAYS WIN?!? Kara lost by one point on both games which has led me to the conclusion... that he cheats.

Good week - Great weekend... 
Thank you Kara and Breeana for making Paisley's (and the rest of our's weekend) a total blast. Why don't you live next door?

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AndersonGR8 said...

Love the variety of the weekly recap. This provides such insight to the world of Taylors.