Tripod Reservoir Camping...

In honor of Luna's birthday, we braved some true blue camping (AKA sleeping overnight)... It was an adventure.

Playing in the driveway while we waited for Dad to get his last things packed up.

On our way out of town, we had to stop and pick up Cosie from school and get gas so when Blake asked "Can we stop to get a bag of chips?" my answer was a resounding "No!" I hate how long it takes for us to get out of town and wanted no more detours. He mentioned chips as we passed multiple grocery stores but I kept my broken record answer. But Blake is very righteous and when he prays for chips - chips he will get... right in the middle of the highway - a perfect multi-pack of salty goodness, uncrushed and all.

 So naturally we had to stop on the crazy busy road to grab them. From this day forth it will be known as the miracle of the chips.

We arrived at Tripod Reseviour and got to work setting up camp.

Paisley did what Paisley does and helped so much with Luna.

Cosette has been doing Camp-Learn-A-Lot at school all week - so she was our best camper! She knew how to dress the part.

This was Fielding's constant pose - net in hand, looking at a bug, while in motion. I told Blake that he really does get a Rocky Mountain High and he was pure energy the entire trip.

Perry did excellent the first day, beyond incredible during the night, and was absolutely atrocious for Day 2.

Luna did well for her first camping excursion - she was hard in the fact that there was no safe level ground to sit her on so she was carried for the entire trip. Luckily Paisley could help with the holding when Blake and my hands were busy and the backpack lost it's appeal... which was often.

 Blake got right to work with the fishing.

Paisley had that monumental moment of childhood when she caught her first fish all on her own - casted it, reeled it, and landed it on shore. She got 3 fish to shore during our trip and had loads of others that "got away." 

She was a natural in the fishing department and is totally addicted, "When can we go again?"

 We ate our tin-foil dinners.

Luna loved scrounging the leftovers.

 Then took off on a hike around the lake.

Once back at camp, Fielding got to reel in his first fish (Blake casted it).

Fielding loves eating the fish we catch but we talked him into letting this one go since we already had 2 others.

When we said, "Throw it back." he promptly turned around and granny style threw the fish back in the lake. Not what we had in mind but good for a laugh.

Then it was smore time - always a favorite.

The rectangle marshmallows they now sell for s'mores, although the perfect shape, have way too much mallow to them... we will be sticking with the original.

Then it was bedtime - which equates to Mom and Dad laying in a tent wishing it was morning. I will spare the details but bitter coldness, ill-timed urine, and a drunken camping neighbor were all part of the mix. 

Morning finally came and we were all up and at it early. From the get-go, Luna was having a rough day (tired and pukey) and Perry just kept repeating, "I want to go home!" So we cleaned up as quick as possible (AKA 2 hours later) and got out of there.

Luna was happy to make it back to the civilization of the car. And everybody fell asleep on the way home.

I realized out of the 42 photos I took on our trip that not a single one contained me... so we attempted this sad out-of-focus car picture as we were about to leave just to prove I was there.

We did it! We survived tent camping with 5 kids. In the words of the park ranger patrolling the area, "You must be really brave."

"No sir - just really stupid."


Britt said...

I'm in awe over the chips. Seriously.

Jana Weaver said...

I definitely think you are brave!! And miracle of the chips indeed! What fun memories for your children. Look how happy they all are on that rock!

HowellAZ said...

Oh wow. I can't pick which detail of this experience I liked reading about the most.

AndersonGR8 said...

What an awesome adventure. Great memories for sure. I would have liked just watching from the trees.

AndersonGR8 said...

What an awesome adventure. Great memories for sure. I would have liked just watching from the trees.