The school carnival boycott...

Last year, the school carnival was a bit of a bust with so many kids... crowded and pricey for what it was. It ended up being one of those "No." events where instead of fun for all it was more, "No we can't do that." and "No we can't buy that." So, when I learned Blake was going to be camping the night of it this year - I quickly made other plans because it wasn't very enjoyable with 2 parents so I figured it would be down right awful by myself.

The girls agreed to this under the condition that they could still make a cake for the cake-walk.

The theme for the canival was "I spy" and they came up with this creation with very little input from me. I loved the rhymes!

They also agreed because I told them we would do our own carnival and invite the Coxs. Why the Coxs? Because they have 5 kids as well and our 4 oldest line up just about perfectly! Instant friend for each kid - Love it!

We do date night swaps with the Coxs and I have wanted to make our kids matching shirts for awhile. This was the perfect opportunity to do so as each kid-set could paint their own shirts at the start of the night.

While planning our carnival, I did one google search for homemade carnival games, saw about 4 images and wanted to barf at the thought of having to spray paint anything in a coordinating red and white fashion. So I shut down the computer and just made a list of some of my kid's favorite activities from my head.

Water balloon toss.

Cake walk.

But the prize was thrift store teddies instead of cake.

Balloon pop with candy inside - peg board worked fantastic for this. Just pull the balloons through the holes and the knots hold them in place... will be doing this again!

And shaving cream Twister requested by Paisley.

 They played the game for all of 3 minutes before just treating it as a giant sensory table.

There was some indecent exposure.

In between game set-ups and helping wash shaving cream out of eyeballs - there was a kiddie pool to keep them happy.

We ended with a silly string fight and as I was being chased by 8 kids each wielding a rainbow can of fun, I heard one exclaim over the ruckus, "This is way better than the school carnival!" and that moment made it all worth it!

Then we dried everyone off and attempted a shirt photo - do you see Perry trying to whack Molly... oh man!

Paisley and Daisy!

Cosie and Addie!

Fielding and Jed!

Perry and Molly!

 Luna was there too - longboarding in her jamas.

We had a second attempt after donuts and it went a little smoother!

This might have to become an annual thing - until the Coxs move really far away because they are gypsies like that!


Jana Weaver said...

Sounds so fun!! What a great idea in place of the school carnival... Why do they have those things anyway?

Jolene said...

Looks like you had WAY more fun than going to the carnival!

HowellAZ said...

I can't stand how much fun you are as a mom! Can I please have a smidgen of that energy, please? I loved the pictures - you got some really great ones!