Spirit week...

I have a confession to make...

I hate spirit week/red ribbon week/no-bullying week

Here are a few reasons why:

5. I never know about it until after the first day. The first day is always Hat Day - I could handle Hat Day but no I become aware of spirit week on Tourism Day and when my 9-year-old laments not owning anything with a Hawaiian print 5 minutes before the bus is supposed to be here - I want to blow a gasket.

4. The school colors are red and black. My girls do not own red and black clothing... I am made aware of this fact every three months when another Spirit Week comes along. Which brings me to #3...

3. Why are there so many? Once a year people - once a year... pajama day every other month begins to lose it's flair.

2. Keep it simple... Dressing like your favorite character from a book equals a Halloween-level effort on Mom's part. I don't like doing that much work on the actual holiday let alone on a random Tuesday in May.

1. Going back to #5 - send home a flyer or something or tattoo it on my kids forehead so that they don't feel completely left out on Hat Day requiring my mom-guilt to kick in which makes me have to up my game for the rest of the days... until I realize it is Wild Wednesday and we don't own animal costumes/prints... "We will participate tomorrow girls. I promise!"

So Thursday for the win:

Dress like what you want to be when you grow up.
A runner!
 And an artist!

Thanks girls for forgiving my forgetfulness.