Preschool graduate...

Fielding had his last of preschool today with his beloved Miss Brandi. Fielding loved preschool - more than anything this year. I never had to fight him to go - he was usually ready an hour early, sitting at the table with his backpack on, drawing a picture for Miss Brandi. I had to limit his gifts for the teacher because he wanted to bring something extravagant every single day.

Preschool helped him so much with his letters... and with his social skills. I found it amazing that he never had one "discipline" issue while in class; whereas, I had about 6 in the 2 minutes it took to drive him to and from school. He is super eager to start Kindergarten and hasn't quite grasped the idea of summer break so a countdown chain is probably in our near future so that I don't keep having to explain exactly when he gets to "go to the girl's school."

Class picture!

Fielding and his boys!

Fielding made a great group of "guy friends." We did lots of carpooling and playdates after school with these boys. It always made me laugh when I did pickup because the girls would be all set with coats, backpacks, and shoes on - whereas, these boys were in a distracted state of sitting on the floor asking who was going to whose house. I hope that he always has such awesome buddies!

Yea for a super successful preschool! Thank you Miss Brandi... Perry is already asking when he gets his turn at "farm school"!

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