Luna Joy...

Everyday I say to myself, "Once the kids are in bed - I am going to blog." But then 9pm rolls in and the kids are still sneaking up to say, "I can't sleep." and I am frantically cleaning up the remainder of our day while simultaneously cooking Blake and I's fourth meal (cookies, ice cream, popcorn, hole-in-the-eggs, you name it) and next thing I know it is 10pm and my eyes have glossed over and the only thing left to do is go to bed. So I am leaving the house undone in an effort to get something down on here.

Because how could I not share this cute squishy little miss.

She got her first pair of functional shoes (as opposed to the decorative ones she wore at 3 months) and is totally rocking the whole standing thing. In fact, I would say that she took her first half a step today.

That tail - on my!!! I am so glad warm weather is upon us so I can show off those thighs!

She found herself in the mirror last night and played a captivating game of peek-a-boo with her reflection.

At the playplace for Paisley's birthday lunch - Paisley and her look a lot alike to me.

Why showering at the gym is a better solution for me... Otherwise I have to make barricades or she crawls in fully clothed.

 She loves to help me outside with the jobs and comes in about this messy at least once a day... she is extremely hard on her clothes at the moment and I hope that walking will remedy some of that.

Sitting pretty with her daddy. Two of my favorite people to look at!

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AndersonGR8 said...

She is as much fun to look at as a full moon on a warm summers night. What a cute and fun personality. Love Luna.