Gone fishin'...

Took the kiddos fishing because it was Wednesday and Blake was at mutual (LDS youth group). And because I live in a community that has an awesome Parks and Rec program where you can just show up at a designated pond and they provide all the gear - including replacement poles every 5 minutes when the two-year-old tangles the line beyond your capabilities patience of untangling.

Paisley had one on but it got away last minute but the kids still had fun casting and got to watch the guy next to use reel in two keepers. And they got soaking wet which I knew would be a given since we were by a body of water.

And this girl chilled and soaked it all in - she loves being out and about and got loads of attention for being the best baby in the universe (even when her brother pushed her stroller freestyle down a large hill).

Sometimes I show up at community events like this and they are a total bust (too busy, too expensive, or too much work with 5 kids in tow) but this was one of those last minute adventures that turned out to be a total win - especially because the kids got to pick a prize from the fishing trailer on the way out. A bag of bait worms that are total hit in the bathtub - who knew?!?

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