I've mentioned before that I have always loved Cosette's notes. She has a natural talent at writing/drawing cute cards. Lately she has started playing on words.

It started with a picture for Grandma that had a sunny yellow flower on it with her caption, "You brighten my day!"

She stuck with the flower theme for awhile, 
"You make me bloom."
"You are too pretty to pick"

But has now branched out.

My personal favorites:

"Your just like my only little rainbow."

"Cow you doing?"

And this gem that made Dad's cubicle wall at work because it is just so good:
 "Piglet your DAY!"

That is a new phrase around here: 
"See you later." 
"Have a good time at work." 
"Piglet your DAY!"

It totally works

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connie said...

I keep my sunny yellow flower picture on the fridge as well as a framed one of " I wish I could come to your house everyday" Cosette spreads joy with her art daily. Thanks for Cosette in our lives