The Easter Bunny brought one of those mail-in coupons for a "hatch your own butterfly" kit. So the kids patiently observed the days as our tiny maggots turned to caterpillars turned to chrysalis turned to butterflies.

The transformation to butterfly was the most magical and Perry was the first one to spot the butterfly and he was ecstatic to tell his brother (since mom wasn't listening to his non-sensical ramblings, "Butterfly... Butterfly... Butterfly.") But Fielding caught on right away and came running.
Fielding was ecstatic to tell his sisters.

After a few days we had a release party before school.

The girls said their goodbyes.

And the butterflies fluttered off a whole 2 feet to the "snowball tree" where they lived out the duration of their short lives. I had no idea how short a butterflies entire existence is.

I would give this gift 5 stars for any mom out there desperate to buy their 5 to 10 year old a present. I couldn't find our exact kit (thrift store) but here is one similar.

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