Babby Farms...

Fielding's preschool had their end of the year field trip out to Babby Farms, which is a misleading name, it was really more of a zoo. 

I knew the little ones would enjoy the adventure too so we roped Grandma into going with us and spent the morning with the animals.

There were your usual suspects goats, sheep, pigs, deer, and...

A Zonka. Half zebra, half donkey - I want one.
 I'm suspecting this wild guy was the father. He wanted to eat Perry.

 This fella was my favorite!

You can see why people would want to smoke a cigarette after seeing his handsome mug.

 Perry has a new friend, Aaron, who was there as well.

They are cute and naughty two-ness.

I love watching them play.

Grandma came in handy pushing Luna and pointing out the animals to my short-attention-spaned boys.

We spent a brief moment in the monkey/sloth/reptile enclosure. The smell was so bad in here and I have a self-proclaimed tough nose. I mean I keep pigs in my backyard... this was 100 times worse.

Next was the petting zoo part which Fielding told me was his favorite.

One pen of kangaroos.

 And one of baby goats.

Want to know what Perry is smiling about in this picture? The goat pooped - Boys!

 It was a wonderful sunny morning - Thanks Jo for joining us and for keeping Luna happy in the stroller the entire way!

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AndersonGR8 said...

Sure looked like a nice adventure in the Animal Kingdom. You need a zonka in the back yard.