Today Paisley is 9!

Paisley's #1 trait is that she is helpful - here are 9 ways she helps me everyday:

9. Gets her own breakfast and any siblings' breakfasts that are up but she is usually the first one up.
8. Practices piano without me asking.
7. Holds Luna to protect her from Perry. A HUGE HELP!!!
6. Washes, loads, and unloads dishes.
5. Feeds and waters the chickens.
4. Plays with the little kids while I make dinner.
3. Tells me she loves me and that I am a good mom.
2. Likes to surprise me by putting away all the kid's laundry.
1. Smiles... she is happy 90% of the day and it is contagious.

Sometimes people ask me how I do it all... I don't do it all but a lot of what I do do is because of Paisley - she carries, feds, buckles carseats, entertains, reads to, laughs with, sings to, and loves her siblings which makes outings more easier and a semi-manageable home life possible. I look forward to her coming home from school because she breaks up the Perry/Fielding fighting all day dynamic. I am blessed to have her as a daughter and appreciate the beautiful young women she is becoming!


Jo said...

She's definitely a keeper! A wonderful, sweet, loving example to all!

AndersonGR8 said...

Paisley is a sweetheart and I can see that she is a great and willing helper. She makes every party a little brighter.