5 thoughts for the 5th of May...

5. Found a 5-gallon bucket of usable paint in the shade that my ginormous living room is painted... I was jumping up and down like I had one the lottery... yea for touch-up paint!

4. Went out to do a little weeding in the front yard - weeded, washed the double stroller, planted flowers, and took the chainsaw to the dead trees (they would have been completely chopped down but I had to stop for the safety of my own children)... I told Blake that night that I am pretty sure I have some manic in me.

3. Why did they ruin blogs? I hate that trying to load a simple recipe while grocery shopping takes 2 minutes to bypass the pop-up to sign-up for a newsletter, scroll past a dozen plus photos of the same food shot at different angles, and wait for the video ad to load in the sidebar.

2. Why do I run? I really truly hate it yet can't seem to not do it.

1. I am mourning the fact that we are skipping our Cinco de Mayo party this year... It just seemed like too much this week (and it would have been - this week has been a doozy) but I could really go for some homemade horchata right now!

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AndersonGR8 said...

#2 it's in your blood! Sorry.