So I am going to start a new website. It is called realhouzz.com. It will be a collection of lovely photos of different areas of houses that look similar to this:

Because really:

This is not somebody's closet. This is an artistic display - that is fine. But do not call it a closet and do not put it in the "How to Organize" section because no amount of organization will ever magically turn all my clothes and accessories a coordinating shade of green.

I have mentioned in passing that we are going to be remodeling our kitchen in the not to distant future. So a few months ago, I forced myself to make my maiden voyage into the world of houzz.com. I was hesitant because I knew it would cause nothing but feelings of inferiority but I bravely marched forward into an endless scroll of farmhouse kitchens. I saw so many sparkly white cabinets and stainless steel appliances that I think I am still seeing spots.

After a week or two, it became overwhelming and the endless supply of inspiration was leaving me everything but inspired. So I took my friend's advice, settled on 3 kitchens that I loved and 3 details that I loved, pasted them into a google doc, and ditched the rest. (I did have to repeat that process when we switched from white painted cabinets to a gray strain).

But since everyone keeps asking in "real life" for an update on our remodel, I thought I would also update all you in my "fake life,"

The update is that there is no update.

Remember 5 years ago when I wrote this, probably not and you are probably too lazy to click the link, so I will remind you - it took AN ENTIRE YEAR and 2 FULL-PAGE SPREADSHEETS for Blake to make a decision when we were upgrading our cellphones. Cellphone versus entire kitchen remodel - there is a big cost difference and since the bigger the price = the longer the deliberations then it can be deduced, if my calculations are correct, I should have a new kitchen in 32 years with at least 300 pages of Excel data to back it up.

But that is not true. Because unlike cellphones, where Blake has a opinion and an actual interest in the end product, when it comes to the house, Blake has zero. Materials, colors, styles - it is completely lost on him - he has no opinion, whatsoever. He is entirely house blind. In our last house, it took him 3 years before he noticed that there was brick on the front. Therefore, all the decisions are on me. Which means I have to produce enough spreadsheets to convince my husband that I have done enough research to justify the cost. Which is impossible... J/K... Kind of.

And I can try to put it all on him but I am pretty darn cheap too - so everything comes with a nice side of sticker shock because gosh darn it - they don't sell countertops at the thrift store. And I so wish our cabinets were functional and just needed a cosmetic overall, because me and my paintbrush are willing, but sadly my existing cabinets aren't worth a $20 gallon of paint - they are just that sad. But anyways - rambling...

...Ummm... yea, we are hoping to commence this summer. I have big plans and a modest budget so we will see what comes about. New cabinets, countertops, and a stove are a must. New flooring, the door leading to the garage moved, and a big ol' farmhouse sink would be nice. A 10 ft island, walk-in pantry, and wall-sized window over my sink are a pipe dream. I am excited but wish I could have it done without having to do it... if you know what I mean... especially the spreadsheets.

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Britt said...

You HAVE to post pictures of these cabinets. I need to behold the awfulness because I can't even imagine it in my head. I've noticed that that part of your kitchen never makes an appearance in your photos. What is your deep, dark secret?